Product Profile: Paints

AFP Inc.
At the California coil coater, the cleaned, chemically prepared and dry metal strip enters the prime coating station to receive the prime coat, followed by a gas fired convection oven for curing. The strip then passes through a water quench tank to cool the dried metal strip. The finish coat is added and applied in a similar manner. The coated strip then proceeds through an exit accumulator tower and is recoiled. Emissions from the coaters and oven chambers are collected and destroyed in a thermal oxidizer.

Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based coatings for metal roofing are the original high-performance finish. Offering long-term weatherability, Kynar 500 resins deliver long-term durability. In independent tests, Kynar 500 coatings demonstrated the highest level of resistance to intense weather conditions when compared to other coatings, including anodized, vinyl plastisol and silicone polyester. In published evaluations, leading coatings formulators ranked Kynar 500 resin consistently higher in eight out of 10 performance categories. Kynar 500 coatings are providing protection against weathering, aging, and pollution and are a key component for long-term protection of cool pigment technologies.

BASF Corporation
BASF is a leading global supplier of coil and extrusion coatings for a wide range of applications. BASF’s industry-renowned premium coatings, Ultra-Cool, Superl SPII and VARI-Cool deliver high-performance reflectivity that reduces head build-up on vital applications like metal roofing. The properties of these coatings help lessen energy and fossil fuel consumption, peak energy demand and carbon footprint. These coatings are available in a full spectrum of colors and provide exceptional color stability, durability, chemical-resistance and flexibility.

Becker Specialty Corp.
BeckryTherm is high-tech, cool roof, organic coating technology. BeckryTherm features solar reflective, ceramic pigmentation to ensure Energy Star approved solar emissivity and reflectivity for maximum energy savings. BeckryTherm, Interior, is a low emissivity back-coating that creates a thermal barrier by reflecting heat into the direction from which it came. BeckryTherm is available in several polymers including super-durable polyester, silicone polyester and full strength Kynar 500.

Berridge Manufacturing
Berridge owns and operates its own state of the art continuous coil coating line. Color finishes coated by Berridge are full-strength PVDF colors, which are both Energy Star and LEED 2.2 approved.

Ferro Corporation
Cool Colors and Eclipse pigments reflect solar heat and keep the items pigmented with them cooler. Along with the cooling effect comes other benefits like less expansion and contraction, lower air conditioning bills, increased service life, less product degradation and improved building comfort levels. These pigments can be combined to yield an array of colors that can conform to state and/or federal specifications and guidelines and are ideal for applications such as cool metal roofing.

PPG Industries
Duranar SPF fluoropolymer coil coatings are designed to provide aesthetics, durability and long-term infrared reflectivity. More than 30 years of Duranar field use combined with IR-reflecting ceramic pigments creates a new standard of excellence in architectural fluoropolymer finishes. The coatings are highly resistant to chalking, fading, chipping and peeling. Duranar SPF coatings are designed to comply with the Energy Star reflectance limits established for steep-slope or low-slope roofing products. They are approved for use on properly cleaned and treated aluminum and coated steel substrates such as G-90 hot dip galvanized, Galfan and Galvalume/zincalume.

Rohm and Haas
Corvel fluoropolymer coatings, including PVDF powder coatings, have proven to weather for five to 20 years with a minimum dry film thickness of 1.2 mils using liquid PVDF technology. Rohm and Haas developed a Kynar 500 PC resin-based powder coating in 1989 as a result of the company’s expertise and industry leadership in thermoplastic powder coatings. One manufacturer has developed a steel shake profile utilizing the durability of PVDF powder coatings named ThermoBond. This powder coating system is formulated to meet or exceed the performance criteria established by the AAMA 2605 10-year specification guidelines.

Shepherd Color Company
Arctic pigments allow for the manufacture of colored roofing materials that meet Energy Star and other regulatory and code requirements. In addition to energy savings, IR-reflective roofs transfer less heat to the surrounding air — leading to cooler cities and less smog. Energy savings and environmental benefits accrue, whether in metal, clay, concrete, fiber cement or other roofing materials.

Solvay Solexis
Hylar 5000 PVDF is used as a base material for long-life architectural coatings systems for metal and other exterior surfaces. The combination of the carbon-fluorine bonds and the carbon-hydrogen bonds creates a structure unique to PVDF that is particularly suited as a base for the most durable liquid coatings. When based on Hylar 5000, these coatings exhibit color fidelity over a long life of service, resist degradation by UV radiation and attack by airborne pollutants and have a broad useful temperature range. Hylar 5000-based coatings are coil or spray applied most commonly to aluminum, aluminized steel and galvanized steel.

Steelscape’s proprietary paint program — Spectrascape — is an innovative service solution that provides many advantages over the industry standard paint ordering processes. Spectrascape paints are produced at the Kalama, Wash., and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., facilities. The company’s on-site paint manufacturing abilities allow it to meet customer color, gloss and performance specifications. Benefits include a lower cost, order flexibility, improved on-time delivery, simplified ordering and reduced risk. Spectrascape customers also enjoy the flexibility of late color nomination that can shorten the lead-time to just more than two weeks from color submission. This order process allows better inventory management and a more reliable supply chain.

Valspar’s Fluropon and WeatherX coatings are field-proven, durable exterior quality finishes that protect and add visual appeal to metal roofs. Fluropon coatings are premium 70 percent Kynar 500 fluoropolymer resin-based systems designed for steep-slope roofs or when color retention is critical. WeatherX coatings are comprised of the same top-quality ceramic and other select inorganic pigments found in Fluropon coatings. A unique silicone polyester resin system binds the chemistry together to minimize chalking and fading. Both coatings are available in energy-efficient solar reflective formulations designed to meet Energy Star steep-slope roof requirements.

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