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We trust our readers. When they indicate they like something, it must be a good thing. Each year in Metal Roofing Magazine, we present the most current information on a variety of products — all related to metal roofing.MR-TOP10 4C

These are called Product Profiles and Product Features. We offer manufacturers and suppliers a free opportunity to send us product information and a photo, so we can get the word out. We also present a New Product section when space permits. Both are very popular among the readers.

How do we know? Because you take the time to fill out the Reader Service Card, circle numbers of products you’d like information on, and send them in. There is also an online component allowing for quicker response. We monitor those responses closely to help us determine any industry trends.

Here we present the Top 10 Products of 2014, as chosen by the readers, through their requests for information.


ATAS International

ATAS International, Inc. — Granutile is a stone-coated roofing tile that is manufactured from high quality aluminum/zinc alloy coated steel with a multi-layered system finish that is composed of primer, styrene acrylic resin, colored crushed stone and a clear acrylic sealer. This panel is installed ridge to eave and is easily stocked and handled. Granutile can be used for new construction over a batten system and, because of its lightweight, can be installed over an existing roof without the need for tear-off and disposal (subject to local codes). Installing Granutile with a batten or counter batten method can provide sheathing ventilation, which qualifies for Title 24 Cool Roof requirements.


DECRA Roofing Systems

DECRA Roofing Systems — All DECRA stone-coated steel profiles have a 50-year limited warranty, a 120-mph wind warranty and Class 4 impact resistance. Offering six profiles, including three with hidden fasteners, DECRA is available in a variety of uniquely blended colors. Villa Tile, Shake XD and Shingle are easy to install using DECRA’s “Cut & Tuck” Technology. DECRA Roofing Systems are aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and offer long-lasting protection and flexibility for residential or light commercial projects.


EDCO Products

EDCO Products — In 2011, EDCO added to its existing roofing line with the introduction of its Generations Roofing Collection. The Generations Roofing Collection adds a more rustic looking panel to EDCO’s offering and gives the homeowner another option for roofing projects. Generations shake panels are coated with a deluxe PVDF coating system and come in nine attractive colors inspired by nature. EDCO backs the Generations Roofing Collection with an unsurpassed warranty.


Englert Inc.

Englert Inc. — Designed by Englert’s own machine experts, its comprehensive line of machines is time tested and proven in the field. Englert’s multi-panel machine offers the capability to run 10 different panel configurations. And there are 11 fixed-position roll forming machines, three electric panel seamers and two panel curving machines to choose from. Englert offers a total package of value-added metal roofing machine support, including the industry’s only mobile service force, machine training, testing, warranties and engineering.


Firestone Building Products

Firestone Building Products — Firestone Building Products offers a number of metal roofing panels for various uses on commercial and industrial buildings. UNA-CLAD UC Panels are available in copper, zinc and 31 standard PVDF-painted aluminum and steel colors. All of these panels are compatible with Firestone Building Products roofing systems and ISO 95+ GL insulation. The company offers a variety of roofing panels including its UNA-CLAD UC-3 Roofing Panel, a double-lock, architectural standing seam metal roof panel.


The Garland Co.

The Garland Company — The R-Mer Span structural standing seam roof system is engineered to be architecturally pleasing, as well as to withstand the most severe weather conditions. The R-Mer Span system provides the inherent long-term durability of metal with mechanically curved and tapered design capabilities to meet unique roofing conditions. The system’s symmetrical design with seam cap provides the highest rated resistance to wind uplift in the industry, while its unique one-piece clip allows for unlimited thermal expansion and contraction.


Levi’s Building Components

Levi’s Building Components — RoloShield 50 is a synthetic underlayment that is 10 times lighter, 20 times stronger and installs twice as fast as 30-pound felt. Crews install it quickly because it is lightweight, has clearly printed overlap lines and nailing patterns. Plus it is the most slip resistant in the industry. It lays flat and drapes nicely into valleys and over hips. RoloShield 50 can be exposed on the roof for six months with no degradation. It is 100 percent polypropylene. It will not wrinkle when storms drench the roof so wind has a hard time catching the edge. RoloShield 50 carries a 50-year warranty, a class A fire rating, a greener environment and more profit potential on your next job.



MBCI — MBCI offers two types of standing seam metal roof systems: vertical leg structural standing seam roof systems and trapezoidal structural standing seam metal roof systems. The vertical leg systems include the panel profiles LokSeam, BattenLok HS, SuperLok and Curved BattenLok. The trapezoidal systems include Ultra-Dek and Double-Lok. A standing seam metal roof system from MBCI is both aesthetically appealing and structurally sound and one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry.


New Tech Machinery

New Tech Machinery — The SSQ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine, from New Tech Machinery, produces up to 15 profiles — just one machine… It’s the most advanced, accurate, user-friendly, multi-profile roof panel machine ever! Use our specialty TSM Tapered Slitter Machine and TPM Taper Panel Machine along with the SSQ Roof Panel Machine to produce custom tapered panels quickly, easily, and accurately. Save time and labor costs. Make the highest quality panels.



Sno Gem


Sno Gem

Sno Gem —Sno Gem’s Silver Bullet set screws is an innovative way to attach the Sno Cube, PV Cube and Uni-Cube clamps to virtually any standing seam profile. The Silver Bullet set screws include a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength that won’t damage the paint finish or pierce the seam and work in conjunction with Sno Gem’s WaveLock Technology utilizing three points of attachment.

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