MCA: Metal Roof Service Life 60-Plus Years

Researchers from the Metal Construction Association (MCA) hosted an educational session sharing the results of the association’s breakthrough study on the service life of metal roofs at METALCON. The new research findings conclude that certain metal roof systems can last 60 years, meaning they do not require replacement during a commercial building’s entire service life.

Web-MCA-InfoGraphic-ServiceLife-copy“This study is a breakthrough for the metal construction industry because it finally provides third-party, scientific data that backs up the long held stance that metal roofing is better for the environment and more economical compared to other non-metal roofing systems,” said Scott Kriner, technical director, Metal Construction Association.

The study, sponsored by MCA and ZAC Association, was conducted with oversight of three independent consulting firms which analyzed new and retrofit low-slope, unpainted 55 percent Al-Zn coated standing seam roofing, in a wide range of environments across the United States.

The study incorporates the results of multiple field inspections, independent laboratory analyses of metallic corrosion of the roof panels, components and sealants, and includes assessment of all integral ancillary components that impact the end of roof service life.

The research study concluded that the expected service life of an unpainted 55 percent Al-Zn coated standing seam roof constructed today in a wide range of environments using best practices can be expected to be in excess of 60 years, a value that equals the assumed building service life as described in LEED, version 4.

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