Buildings of the Year

Ted Holt, Kistler Buildings — First Place
The restoration of this 1870s horse barn to its original condition is only part of the revitalization of the City of Paterson, N.J., and its historic preservation effort. The post-frame construction used met the high standards of historic restoration and demonstrated the superior results that can be achieved through the team work of a skilled post-frame company and knowledgeable historic preservationist. The City is seeking to determine whether the horse barn can be part of plans to reopen the ice rink adjacent to the stables. The barn could be used as a concession stand and a place to store and rent skates. The idea to restore the horse barn was initiated by the neighborhood association and won the support of mayor, the Department of Community Development, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

UB Builders — Walters Buildings — Second Place
The building is used primarily for a farm shop by Don Bonner, who farms approximately 1,200 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat. He services all his own farm equipment, so a quality shop is important to the success of his operation. Keeping his machinery maintained allows him to take advantage of the windows of good weather during planting and harvesting. If a piece of equipment breaks down, Bonner is able to use the tools and space in his shop to get that machine back in the field as soon as possible. The building is also used as a garage and for a farm office and family recreation area. Beaumont Farms was established in 1843 by Don’s great-great-grandfather. The original barn was constructed in the 1880s and has always been an important part of the farm but now sees new life with the addition and restoration.

Morton Buildings, Inc. — Third Place
Customers used to have to get out of cars and go inside to buy drinking water. Now they can pull up to a pay window, then pull inside, pick up the order, and be on their way. This project cost half what the block and trussed buildings that was also being considered by the owner. At the open house, visitors voiced their pleasure with the improved building and its drive-through feature.

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